Sunday, August 13, 2006

Someone for Saturday

Ok we need someone to pick Saturdays to pray for us! This morning I caught the tip of my toenail on a lip under the desk and partially ripped it off, it is all nice and purple now (I will spare ya’ll the picture)! For some reason I only packed sandals that pull on my toe, so Jimmy said he would drive me to Paiz to buy some cheep shoes that would hold me over until we get our container. When we got to the store, Jimmy turned right to pull in the parking space (with his blinker on) and he saw in the mirror that there was a motorbike coming up to pass on the right. Jimmy stopped, but the guy plowed into the front passenger wheel and then into another parked car. God really protected us and no one was hurt. Here, no matter what, if there is an American involved, it is his fault. Jimmy was so calm. I am so proud of him. Here it is better sometimes, if you’re an American, just to give the guys involved money. If you don’t, you get your vehicle taken away and carted off to jail while you wait to have the police work everything out. It did not hurt the guy’s bike at all, but he started pulling stuff off of it and saying it was broken. He already had the kick-stand tied up with a piece of wire to keep it from falling down while he was riding it. He was just trying to make some money. After awhile he started limping and saying he was hurt after he already told us he was ok. Jimmy ended up scolding him well and paid less than half of what he wanted, but we got to go our way. It wasn’t really that much, it was just the principle of the thing. So yes we are very thankful for your prayers! The Boggs were out of town. When they got home we told them the whole story. They said that they were glad that we got to experience this on our own. They gave us advice for next time and were just a real encouragement to us.

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