Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Our Container

Thank you so much for your prayers for our container. It was suppose to arrive yesterday at 8:00, so we all got up around 5:30 to load up the Boggs’ belongings, for them to move to Solola. 8:30 we got a call saying that our container would not be delivered until tomorrow. After a couple a phone calls from Jimmy to the moving company, our container finally arrived at 3:30.
Our stuff did not arrive in the same container in which we loaded it in Jacksonville, it was all thrown into a much smaller one and my truck was driven separately from Guatemala City. Just the fact that my tuck made that drive safely is a blessing in and of itself! So far only a couple things were damaged and nothing was stolen that we know of, so that is a big praise! It all smells really gross though, especially the inside of my truck! I am sure that will eventually go away. You just have to learn not to expect anything to go as planned, it is more interesting that way anyway! I love our apartment. My 2 favorite things are that you can flush the toilet paper and we have closets! (By the time I remember not to flush toilet paper, not to turn right on red, not to yield on green when turning left, and not to rinse my toothbrush with water from the faucet, it will probably be time for a furlough.)
I drove my truck to our first day of language school. (Later we found out that we are not allowed to drive it yet... that’s not our first mistake here!) It is so nice to have somewhat of a schedule again, we haven’t had that since last September. I am so excited about finally learning the language, especially the correct pronunciation. One of my books looks like one I use to have in kindergarten... it’s a good thing, because I am starting from scratch! Our teachers are wonderful. Mine doesn’t speak any English from what I can tell and Jimmy’s understands English pretty good, but does not like to speak it, even though he is probably really good at it... so it is sink or swim for us!
Here is something that is not very missionaryish. Before we started school this morning all the seminary students had to go to chapel. My first thought was - I didn’t sign up for chapel. The only word I understood the entire 45 minutes was “milk.” I guess they have it twice a week. God must have decided that I needed more motivation to learn Spanish faster! I cannot wait until I can finally understand sermons again. Anyway, we still love it here and are enjoying our new way of life! Thanks for reading our blog and for your prayers.

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