Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Our Survey Trip

Leavin’ on a little plane early in the morning!
Flores, Petén
Mapping out our trip.
We met so many people on our trip and were able to pass out Bibles & tracts.
We were surprised at how spread apart all the villages are. We drove for several hours both days and still have not seen even a fraction of the Petén. There are lost people everywhere, but our heart is with ones who have not had the opportunity to hear the message of the gospel.
Claire got to witness to our hitchhiker and give him a Bible. He told her, “No one has ever given me a Bible before, I am going to study this.”
We found a place yesterday that the government had set up for terrorist refugees that had fled to Mexico around 1996. When they got sent back to Guatemala, the government set up a housing area where they were required to live.
There is a great need and all of us are excited about future ministries here.
This lady is the mayor!
Claire swinging from a vine!
We are finally in the jungle!
Would you walk across a bridge that read, “Maximum 15 people?”
This is the little girl that I had my first Spanish conversation with. Kids are not as intimidating!

Please pray that God will continue to lead us to people like this and show us where he would have us begin our ministry next year. Of course we want to know right now! On our last Sunday at Messiah, Pastor Hoover said,”Sometimes God wants us to wait longer than we think is reasonable and move faster than we think is advisable.” Please pray for us now more than ever.

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