Wednesday, January 3, 2007

5 Months

We have been in Guatemala for 5 months without being sick and then some North Americans have to bring us the flu. We did not get any shots to protect us from the germs in the States!

Please pray for Jimmy, he is really sick and we are hoping that it is just the flu. I went to buy some 7up for him this morning. I wasn’t sure what they called it here so I asked for “seven up” and then for “siete up”... neither one worked. The customer next to me asked for “seven up” and they handed one to him. Then I realized that it is “seven up” with a Guatemalan accent!
Yesterday we were able to go to Guate to pick up all the goodies Jimmy’s family sent down and the Greek books for the seminary. Thank you to everyone who helped us get our stuff. Thank you also to everyone who sent us Christmas cards. We enjoyed reading them. Jimmy got me a fondue pot for Christmas (we picked that up too). We are going to have some type of beef fondue for supper tonight (ok, maybe just me... poor Jimmy).

We did not want to pay for a hotel in Guate, so we drove home last night. It is always a praise when you make it anywhere safely in Guatemala. Jimmy said that he is sick because of my driving last night! It is pretty scary driving around mountains at night with hardly any shoulders, or guard rails. One out of every 3 or 4 cars only has one headlight, so they use their brights even when they are driving towards you. I was praying the whole time.

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