Sunday, January 7, 2007

Reaping the Benefits

Why spend years learning something if someone else has already done it for you. We are so thankful to have found information about the Q’eqchí’ people. Jimmy found a study that was done by the Southern Baptist on the Kekchi (informal name and phonetic spelling) in 2005. A missionary couple started working with them in 1960. They did not work in the Petén, but since it was the same people group, we are hoping to learn as much as possible from them. We think they are retired now and living in Texas. Please pray that we will be able to make contact. This couple actually took the time to learn the language. No one had an inroad with the Q’eqchí’ until this happened. We are so excited and really believe these are the people God would have us invest our lives in. The study Jimmy found is over 70 pages long and very practical. This is a huge advantage that will save us from many mistakes. This is the biggest blessing since we have been on the field.

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