Friday, January 12, 2007

Still Having Fun!

So far we have done a lot of eating!
Today we took Melissa to the market... she is always a good sport and knows no strangers in Guatemala either!
We took them to our grocery store and found Campbell’s tomato soup and string cheese... they must be good luck! On the way to Xela we took them to see the Boggs’ ministry in Solola. They got to see Eagles’ Nest. We are excited about their next trip when we are in the Petén. That is even more different than here and we will be able to show them the ministry that God has been preparing us for. I hope they know that they have to come back in May! They said that the inside of our house looks like our apartment in Kansas, that means a lot to me. Our doggies love them and will probably be sad like us when they leave.
This is not a vacation for Jimmy and I. After they leave it will still be our home. Things are very different here, but I am thankful for the purpose that the Lord has given us and we would not want to be anywhere else... I just might have someone send down a water heater!

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