Monday, January 22, 2007

The People of Las Majadas

Las Majadas is about 30 minutes outside of Xela. The Boggs started this church and Jaime is the pastor. He graduated from the seminary and has been working very hard. He walks about an hour up a mountain with his bike, then rides his bike into town and catches a bus to his secular job.
{Our truck window}
{Kids that caught a ride with us to church}
{Jimmy giving his testimony in church... pastor Jaime on the far right}
{Ladies in church service}
{Frisbee after church}
{On the way to pastor Jaime's house}
{Me and Job}
Maribela, Jaime's wife, made lunch for everyone including the Boggs’ 21 member medical missions team from the States. It was delicious! They are both humble, giving people that always have a smile!
The red necklace around this little girl’s neck is supposed to protect her from evil spirits. This is a Mayan belief.
This is a shower. The people only shower maybe once a month. You go in this room with a fire and sweat. Afterwards you just dry yourself off.
This was the toilet. After several hours in the middle of nowhere, I was very excited to see it!

Today and tomorrow is the medical clinic. Please pray that God will use this outreach to bring more people in to hear the gospel and be saved.

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