Thursday, January 4, 2007

Prayer Request

Please pray for Jimmy; he is still very sick and I am really worried about him. We are not sure what he has. We though it was just the flu, but his temperature keeps going down and then back up to 102. We are considering taking him to the doctor tomorrow. He is already on an antibiotic. Please pray that God will give us wisdom.
{Our fondue! Jimmy even had a couple bites.}

I thought about saving this for the “Funnies” section of our updates, but I am sure Jimmy’s parents will provide us with plenty of material! Everyone pays for trash pick up with their utilities, but very often no one comes to pick it up. On our street you are supposed to put your trash at the end of the road on Thursdays. Today once again no one came. We did not want to just leave it there because it is right in front of someone’s house. Since Jimmy is sick, I went outside tonight (in the dark) to pick up our trash, but the street dogs had gotten into it and you could not even tell that it had been bagged. I took our clothes basket and a shovel, but it was in-between and on top of a bunch of big rocks, so I had to pick it all up by hand. I thought this is gross, but at least Jimmy said that it was only our trash. There is trash everywhere, up and down the road and all in the corn fields, so I figured that this could be true... we are probably the only ones who actually bag our trash. Well, I believed him until I picked something up and realized that it was a dirty diaper! Jimmy has “immunity” right now since he is sick... it’s a good thing for him.
{Lucha dreaming of ways to torture me}
After I found a good dumping spot for my trash (A literal dump) I came home and found that Jimmy’s new guard dog had destroyed my house. She dug up one of my potted plants and had gotten dirt everywhere. She even went upstairs to get muddy paw prints all over my rug... she does not have immunity.

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