Thursday, November 19, 2009

Fun Times With Jonah and Silas

Before the boys were discharged they had to pass a 90 minute car seat test to make sure their blood saturation would stay up being that small bent in a car seat. Jimmy took our vehicle with car seats installed to get inspected by the highway patrol. They showed him how to add blankets to make it safer for preemies. Jimmy is so careful with his boys!
I thought this was a pretty good Silas face as he was observing the situation.
Jonah couldn't care less about what was going on. He was comfortable.
When we got home we just studied them. It was nice seeing them without their feeding tube and monitor wires. We could walk around with them without tripping or setting off any machines!
I cut their fingernails right away so that they would stop scratching their faces. I didn't realize that they had this cool trick of peeing on their backs. We put their diapers on real tight, but still seem to have the problem. Now I know why their bed was always tilted in the NICU!
The perinatologist warned us that the first 2 days or so would be hard on them adjusting to a new environment. They did not like their new big crib at first. Curled up on one of our chests was the only way they would sleep for those first 2 days. We were happy and didn't want to put them down anyway!
It is fun seeing them interact with each other. Here Jonah reached over and grabbed his brother's hand while in Grandma's lap.


  1. they are soo precious! glad you all are home and enjoying them!

  2. I love it! I'm so glad they are home.


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