Monday, November 2, 2009

Life in the NICU Day 16-18: October 31-November 2

Jimmy had a great meeting yesterday and made it back safely last night!
I have so many updates on the boys today!
Jonah is 4lbs 6oz and Silas is 4lbs 7oz. Jonah has surpassed his birth weight and Silas is close. Preemies are prone to refluz issues, but Silas seems to struggle with this more than Jonah. He was started on a pump (in the chair next to me) for his tube feedings, it is slower than the regular gravity fed tube feedings he has been getting. This has helped him spit up less and I think it is why he has passed his brother again in weight.
Since Silas has been able to regulate his own body temperature he was moved to an open crib yesterday! With the open crib comes unlimited holds. Still, we want to be careful not to wear him out. He needs to continue to gain weight and keep his temp up so that he doesn't go back to an isolette. We try to visit him the same time he gets his tube feedings since he is already awake.
This is Daddy telling Silas how proud he is of him!
This is Silas looking pretty proud of himself too!
Both boys get one bottle a day right now. Some days they take 25cc from the bottle and the rest through a tube and other days they take 10. It expends a lot of energy to practice the suck, swallow, breath rhythm they have to get down before they are discharged. We get 20 minutes with each attempt, after that they would be expending more calories than they would be gaining from the milk.
Silas looks around the whole time while he's getting his bottle. Jonah likes to hold my fingers while I feed him!
Yesterday Jonah finished his last IV and got his picc line removed (IV in his arm in the photo above).
Jonah, the spaz, also yanked out his feeding tube part way, so before the nurse put in a new one we got to enjoy his little face tube free!
Jonah was only a couple of hours behind his brother. When we walked in today he was in an open crib too!
Every day we praise God for strengthening our little boys!


  1. Congrats on graduating to the cribs! The feedings seemed so frustrating to me...or maybe I just wasn't patient enough but they'll get there too. Griffin took FOREVER to be able to get to the place where he could finish his own bottle without the feeding tube. We even had times where I would be excited when there was improvement (because I so wanted him to be able to come home) only for him to digress again. Griff took reflux meds for a year (which I don't think they even prescribe anymore and I have saw a lot of lawsuits about but thankfully he never had any side effects...but there are others out there). He even had reflux issues with thicker baby food (that was a mess!). But at 1 he suddenly grew out of it. Your boys are doing great!

  2. Steady progress... PRAISE THE LORD!!! Thank you for keeping us updated, sharing your lives with us!


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