Sunday, November 1, 2009

Life in the NICU Day 15: October 30

Jimmy is on his way to Tampa right now to be in Pastor Mike Grover's church tonight. Pastor Grover just came down and taught in our Kekchi institute last June. His church has been supporting us for the past 3 years and Jimmy is going to give them an update in their evening service! He is driving back to Jacksonville tonight, so please pray for his safety.

Another big prayer request we have right now is for Quincho, our friend that is staying at our house and taking care of our dogs while we're gone. He really needs some encouragement. Please pray that his relationship with God would grow. He has a lot of decisions to make after New Horizon kicked him out. Please pray that he follows God's leading.

I forgot to download the photos off my camera before Jimmy took it this afternoon, so poor Silas is going to get left out because this update is all about Jonah.

I got to change my first diaper on Friday. Of course it was Jonah's and it was messy, so the nurse just told me to give him a bath.
He was much more calm this time and only fussed when the nurse pulled off some tape on him. That is one thing that's hard to watch. I would have been more gentler with him. He didn't fuss about the tape I removed, but I'm his Mommy! Not all the nurses handle my boys like they would their first baby, but most of them do and I really appreciate it.
Jonah clung to his Daddy's finger with both hands while I washed him.
Afterwards he smelled much better! Love him!!

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  1. Oh, my sweet Jonah...I definitely have a soft spot for that little wriggly boy!


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