Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Life in the NICU Day 19&20: November 3&4

When we walked in Monday night Jonah and Silas' nurses, Elizabeth and Amanda, had a surprise for us! They got permission to double bunk them! Amanda took some photos for us of when they first saw each other. I haven't scanned them yet. Right now they pretty much sleep all the time, but I think they still sense each other's presence.
Silas has the generic hospital hat on because he spit up on his.
Since they had so many IV's and wires, their old tags had been cut off, so the next day their nurses put new name tags on their ankles so that no one would get them mixed up.
One day we came in and found this! I thought one of the nurses had Silas, but nope...
He had just slid down the tilted bed.
Both of their reflux issues are getting better. Silas does good if he gets his food slowly and you don't move him. Jonah does good if you keep his head tilted up. Since the bed is so much at an angle the nurses keep a piece of tape across them like a seatbelt so that they don't fall out!

Both of the boys are 4lbs, 11oz! They are doing well with their one bottle feeding a day. They both take up to 35ml on their own. Suzanne, one of Jonah's daytime nurses got us special permission to start trying to nurse once a day as well! Tomorrow they will be 35 weeks gestation. Their suck, swallow, breath reflex is kicking in, they just need a little more stamina. Home is getting closer every day.


  1. "There's no place like home...There's no place like home." (Get it? From the Kansas Grandparents!)

  2. What precious little boys! We're praying for your family. :)

    ~ The Hubert Family


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