Friday, November 13, 2009

Life in the NICU Day 26-29: November 10-13

Happy 4 Weeks in the World, Jonah and Silas!
They are 36 weeks gestation today. It is hard for me to think that they should have still been in my tummy for another month. We have already gotten to know so much about them.
They have been doing so well nursing. I think that if we brought them home right now, they would do fine, but they have to learn how to take a bottle for all 8 feedings to be released. A bottle is harder and more tiring than nursing.
This is Sarah, their nurse for the morning. She took a lot of time talking with us. Today I was a little down. Each day one boy does better than the other. If you take just a snapshot, it looks like one is ahead of the other, but they flip flop. Well yesterday the doctor wanted to bump up Jonah to 2 out of 3 feedings and leave Silas at every other. I was concerned because 2 days ago, Silas was doing better than Jonah, but the doctor didn't asses them that day.

I want to keep them on the same feeding schedule, one, so that I can feed them myself as often as possible, and two, so that they come home at the same time. My greatest source of anxiety right now is that one would have to stay longer than the other. They sense each other and cry if we leave one in the crib without his brother. It is already hard enough to leave two without their Mommy, now we would take away their brother too... it would break my heart. I would be concerned that the one left would even regress and take longer to come home.

It seemed like every time we tried to talk to the doctors they would say, "Well I haven't looked at their charts yet." The healthier babies in the NICU get looked at last. I understand that, but it was getting frustrating. Sarah must have spoken to the head of the NICU, because he spoke to us for a while today and agreed to give Silas a try at the 2 out of 3 to be on the same schedule as his brother and... they both were successful as of their last feeding. Now the little sleepy guys just need to keep it up.

Sweet Silas snuggling with his Mommy!
Jonah falling asleep with his crazy leg sticking straight out!
Jimmy changing a diaper... this is a big deal! We are still at the point where we like changing diapers! We will take any moment we can get with them.
Jonah with his Daddy!

Please keep praying for them. I want them home with us to get loved on all the time!


  1. Hang in there. You'll be their main caregivers very soon and things will go smoother. I was very detached for the first month after Griff came home. I felt like I was taking care of someone else's baby after having someone else in charge of his care for the first 4 weeks of his life. It's all a very hard and frustrating situation but praise the Lord they are growing and doing so well and will be home with you very soon.

  2. Praying that God continues to grow them strong. He's been with them since the beginning and I trust that they will be discharged together. I Thank God for their Nurses. I haven't met a better bunch as a collective group anywhere! I love the new pictures...I can't ever get enough...


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