Monday, April 18, 2011

Arriving in Kansas

Here is a video of our first few moments in KS (Jimmy's home). You can tell who they were waiting for!
Jonah and Silas warmed up to their Grandma, G Dawg, Uncle Jon, Aunt Jill, and future Aunt Robin pretty quickly.
Toys helped.
For a while I thought this cozy coup was going to separate brothers, but I think it is helping them learn to care about each other's feelings. Silas has always been very affectionate towards Jonah. He hugs him and gives him kisses. Jonah is usually too preoccupied. But we have noticed with this coup that each time Silas starts to cry because his brother gets in the car first, Jonah gets out and lets him have it. Jonah doesn't like for his brother to be upset. He loves his brother... I'm relieved!
They like the car best when their uncle Jon turns it into a flying coup.
Silas didn't hear about no texting while driving.
They were worn out after all the new people, surroundings, and things to play with.
At least their "night night" routine was consistent. Right now we are reading through the 23 Psalm each night.
And Silas likes to make his book a hat of course.
Kisses time! Mommy and Daddy got some, but they weren't too sure about everyone else yet! I'm sure they will be passing out kisses very soon.

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