Friday, April 22, 2011

Indoor Nature

It's not like our boys don't get exposed to nature on a regular basis. Maybe we thought they would feel more at home with a little more nature while we were in the States. Yesterday we took the boys to the Great Plains Nature Center here in Wichita. There weren't any crocodiles, but they did get to pet a lot of wildlife...
well sort of. It was wildlife shapes. Safety first here in the USA!
They loved it! There was a little indoor KS wildlife museum.
{Jonah looking at the cool fish}
This place was their uncle Jon's idea, so he came too! I thought it was sweet of him to think of Jonah and Silas.
There were buttons everywhere... an 18 month old's dream!!!
We went on one of their little trails afterwards and found some ducks.
Jonah and Silas had a blast! It is so much fun watching them experience new things. I love seeing their minds processing it all! We already have plans for another place like this soon.

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