Tuesday, April 26, 2011


Jimmy and I started off the weekend with strep. The boys had some type of virus, but no sore throats. Jonah had an ear infection. Gringo germs almost did us in.

Jimmy's home church had a special Good Friday service where they observed the Lord's Supper. Jimmy's parents watched our sick boys, so we got to go. I was so thankful. This was our first service at our home church and it was a wonderful one, my favorite of the weekend.

Saturday Jimmy's parents' subdivision held an Easter egg hunt. We had been practicing with Jonah and Silas all week long, showing them what to do with Easter eggs... you put them in your basket.
Only thing is, they didn't have eggs at this egg hunt, just candy sprinkled in the grass. I think the boys were a little confused on top of being sick AND it being very cold outside for us who live in sunny Petén. They had fun in their own way though.
About the time they would get 2 or 3 pieces in their basket they would dump their baskets upside down or grab all of their candy in a big wad, leave their baskets and take off running!
Afterwards we gave them a couple smarties, that is when they really started to appreciate the whole Easter basket thing.

One little boy tried to take a piece of candy that Jonah had in his hand. The little boy's dad quickly pulled the boy's hand away and told him no. Jonah looked at the little boy and then reached out with the candy still in his hand to give it to him. Moments like that make you hopeful that your kids might turn out alright! I think being a twin has helped the boys learn to share at an earlier than average age. They still have their moments, but moments like these outnumber the others.
I did not plan out this Easter very well as far as family traditions go since we have been away from home. I do have some ideas for next year. We did find a little Easter board book that we read together every night during the week leading up to Easter Sunday.
It was of the last few days in Jesus' ministry here on earth, why He died, and then His resurrection. It was put together beautifully.

These were the boys' Easter baskets. On the drive from FL to KS we found out that they are VeggieTales fans... at least when they are buckled into a car seat and have no where else to go! We got them some Easter VeggieTales for our upcoming road trips.
They also got a toy each, a pez dispenser, and eggs filled with marshmallows and frosted Mini Wheats. They ended up preferring the Mini Wheats. They had never had those before since we don't have those in Petén.
{I love their little shoes in this picture}

Since the boys were hacking so much Easter morning and dripping with green snot, we left them home with their Grandpa and Uncle Joe who had both gone to the Saturday night service. I was really disappointed to not attend church together as a family, but they would have been rejected by the nursery for sure. I was thankful that Jim and I got to go with his mom and sister. I love going to church in English!
After their morning nap I put their Easter shirts on them and photoshopped their red little noses.
Silas and Jonah both knew what to do with that toy microphone. None of us can figure out how. They held it up to their mouths right away and started talking into it. The only place we know of them seeing a microphone before was at the Kekchi radio station. They must retain everything.
We had our own Easter egg hunt Sunday afternoon in Grandma & G-Dawg's backyard. This is how you hide eggs for 18M olds... it's easy, you launch them off the deck!
By this time they had figured out that the best part is cracking the egg!
{G-Dawg Silas, Jonah, & Grandma}

We had a wonderful Easter. Next year I do hope to do a better job at incorporating why Easter is so special to Jimmy and I in the activities we do with our boys. We are so thankful for this day and that we get to celebrate Christ's victory over sin and death.

Happy Easter Everyone!


  1. "Gringo germs" Hahaha!

    Yay, Veggie Tales!

  2. Adina, I wish you had a blog so I could peek in on your life! You are so far away:(


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