Thursday, April 21, 2011

Great Missions Conference

Last week we were in a missions conference here in Wichita. This church has been supporting us since we were in language school. They are so encouraging to us and really keep up with what is going on in Petén. It was fun introducing them to our boys.
I got to share about our ministry during a ladies' tea, both of us got to present our ministry during an informal question and answer time (which we love), and then Jimmy got to preach on Sunday. I think it will even be on the radio this Sunday. We love it when we are given opportunities to share about Petén.
The church family there is always so kind to us. We enjoyed the missions banquet.
Jimmy's grandparents came to the services too (across from us). It was nice to share this time with them.
We got to catch up with some old friends, sweet couples from Mexico and Guatemala that Jimmy had met through the Spanish ministry. They were very supportive of us when we were leaving for the field 5 years ago, now we got to share with them what God has done so far!
We tried something new this furlough. We didn't want to bring our projector all the way back, but still needed some visuals for when we share about our ministry outside of the main service/auditorium, like a Sunday school class or something. We blew up some of our main pictures and mounted them on foam board.
We reinforced them with grommets and put them on rings. They have been pretty handy so far... and we don't have to worry about technical difficulties!

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