Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Hittin' the Road

Friday morning we began our pretty long trek to Arkansas.
For being in the car for 2 days, I thought the boys did very well. They would let us know when they needed a break and we would stop and run around a bit. We try to avoid fast food, but we do like to stop at McDonalds for their coffee and berry smoothies. When Silas sees their smoothie come through the window he starts this very persistent "smoothie grunt." He will share with his brother as long as he gets the first sip and Jonah drinks fast.
Who knew luggage carts could be so fun... and elevator buttons! The boys have been sleeping so good in hotels. We are very thankful.

Sunday morning we got to present our ministry in a new church for us. Larry, one of the men who came down with pastor Andy's team, invited us to his church.
{Larry and his wife, us, and pastor David and his wife}
That really meant a lot to us because Larry didn't know anything about us until he visited. He caught the vision for KBI and the ministry here and then told his pastor about it when he got back. They were so kind to us and we feel like they are excited about getting involved with KBI in whatever way God leads.
{Pastor Andy's church and plane}
Pastor Andy's church is in a town close by. We love spending time with the Schalchlin family! Ms Connie made us a wonderful meal Saturday night. The boys kept a bowl on their trays for the first time ever... because it was full of ice cream!
Jimmy, Andy, and his sons played basketball!
Jonah and Silas got to play outside.
Their kids are so nice to my boys!
We learned a new game, that I'm sure Jonah and Silas will try in our house back home...
blanket sledding!
Sunday night was the first time the boys and I have been to their church.
Pastor Andy gave us the entire service to share our ministry and then there was a big pot luck dinner afterwards. We had a wonderful time!
{Rob and his wife, another man that came down on that team}
We are so thankful for not only their support, but their passion for the Petén.

Monday we made our way to Wichita (Jimmy's home).
Can you tell we like to eat lunch at Cracker Barrel!


  1. Love hearing that the boys are enjoying all the new adventures and are doing so well. What a blessing!

  2. They look like they are enjoying themselves for sure! I'm glad everything is going well for y'all.


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