Friday, June 15, 2012

An Afternoon in a Bog Pit

We have so much to post about the team, but first we'll talk about the most adventurous day! You can also see more pictures on our KBI Facebook page. The team's focus wasn't evangelism but to get a taste for the evangelistic outreach part of the Institute we wanted them to see some villages and do some presentations. When I was talking with Domingo about which villages we would visit on the two evangelism days he said we should visit the village of Pasión, but that we would need 4WD. No problem I said. Ha!
We made it through big spots like the one above without too much trouble, just unloading to reduce our weight. Until finally we got really stuck...
Right now you are looking at these pictures thinking, "That guy is stupid for trying to drive through that." But I can tell you that it didn't look this bad until 40+ guys had tromped around in it. Nevertheless, we were within sight of the village when we got caught in this mud soup.
I was thankful to have a truckload of people to help me, but even so we couldn't get out. Then, guys from the village started arriving. They even brought a little pickup to try and help me out... nothing was working.
Many women and children came to watch as well, which gave the girls a chance to sing songs and do part of their presentation in the open air.

After two hours, we could hear a big storm rolling in and I was making plans to leave it and come back the next day with my truck (which has a big winch.)
The men from the village wanted to try one more thing so they came back with a tree trunk and some stumps to serve as a rustic lever. They tilted the truck up and put big palm leaves from the trees in the background under the tires.
The log kept slipping off and everybody would hit the ground hard, but after a few tries on each side that had it ready. Then with 40 guys pulling three ropes and 7 guys pushing from the front I was out!
In this picture you can see where the truck was but then another 15 feet in front of me was the same kind of soil. So see... it doesn't look that bad!
Everybody looks the same when you are covered in mud! Because of the storm rolling in and the sun setting we really needed to leave, but a lady who had fixed us a meal came and told me exactly what she thought about us coming all that way to not eat the meal she had fixed for us. So we quickly ate the biggest Kekchi meal I've ever had and headed home.
We made it back out without too much trouble. We are telling this story first because today Shelley and I and the kids are all going back with Domingo and his family to show the movie we weren't able to last week. This time we are going by boat. We need to go back right away to capitalize on the connections that were made during our afternoon in the bog pit!

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  1. Lots of good sermon ideas. Out of the miry clay and put back on solid rock comes to mind!


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