Thursday, June 21, 2012

Father's Day 2012

The boys are old enough this year to really understand this special day, a day to celebrate Daddy! Their daddy is their hero! They love listening to his bear stories. They are absolutely certain that the shag rug in their room is the skin from a bear Daddy wrestled and killed! 

They know what he does and love to pretend like they are doing the same thing. They get on their bikes with their play cell phones and keys and tell me "bye" because they are going to work! I regularly see them preaching and leading singing in the hallway.

Here is a video of us asking them what their daddy does: 

It is very important for MK's to know why they live in another country. I'm glad that they are already starting to understand that and wanting to participate in it!

The boys love working with tools too, just like Daddy! So they used their hammers and made him something to hang in his wood shop for Father's Day. 
They were so excited about this project! We worked on it in the afternoons while Daddy was gone and kept it a secret. 
There were a lot of nails to be straightened, but definitely worth it!
I picked Jimmy up some bluetooth headphones while I was in the States for his Father's Day present, this was something extra. Well, he said that he liked this even more than the headphones... that's a pretty big deal! I thought it was sweet.
CRAZY ITEM OF THE DAY: Next time I ask Jimmy for a scrap piece of wood for a secret project I need to specify "not pressure treated". 386 nails in pressure treated wood is CRAZY! 

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