Monday, June 18, 2012

Clearwater Evangelism Day 1

*NOTE: Jimmy typed this blog post up on the day that he was experiencing both amebas and food poisoning. That was a result of drinking river water in villages and eating at questionable restaurants in rural places. In other words, it has been highly edited by me in hopes of making more sense. After some pills and 24 hours of misery, he is doing much better!

This group from First Baptist Church in Clearwater, KS came to Petén to focus on construction of student houses at the Pastor's Institute, but we wanted them to also have the experience of doing some evangelism in a few unreached villages. Because they were so committed to the construction work, they decided to split up into two groups of 5 so that a group could continue working while the other was visiting villages. 
 Our first group returned to the village of Mojarra 28. There are still no Christians in this village, but the people are very open to hearing the Gospel.
{Watching the team do their wordless skit}
The kids love seeing pictures of themselves.
{Villagers looking at pictures of Pastor Kelley's family}

Next we headed down the road to the village of Río San Pedro. There is one Christian here who has been continually calling and begging us to come. One reason is that her husband is not a Christian. This is our third visit, and the people are very interested. The only problem is how far away it is from everybody, so it would be hard to visit every week and start a church. One young man who will be one of our first Institute students was there for this outreach as well. 
It had started raining, so they put a tarp down so that Jesus wouldn't be all covered in mud when he rose!
 It was the time that ladies grind their corn, so as they were walking home from the mill they all stopped by to watch the presentation. 
It was a very productive day for both villages. 175 families total, with only 1 Christian between them. Please pray that more will accept Christ and grow in a relationship with Him.

We have killed 3 of these in our house this past week, one was next to Eden's crib. If these were any bigger they'd be called lobsters!


  1. test. This didn't work the other day.

  2. I love that first photo--it's delightful. The women's faces at front left and right--laughing to each other about the skit. Love it! :)

    PS I sent a friend request on Facebook, in case you're wondering who on earth that request was from. ;)

    1. Haha, I was wondering. Cool! You are friends with the Blocks. We met them soon after they arrived in Guatemala. They live about 7 hours from us.


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