Saturday, June 2, 2012

Twin Talk to English Dictionary

Jimmy's mom (Ma-G) captured this video when they were here of Jonah and Silas' little personal language that they have between the two of them. 

They are surrounded by three languages: English, Spanish, and Kekchi. They use English the most, but respond a little to all of them. Their favorite language though is their twin talk that they invented themselves and have slowly taught us. At this rate I think Eden is going to speak in full sentences with words all from the same language before they do. 

This is our Twin Talk to English dictionary:
(you have to use Spanish pronunciations because I have forgotten how to spell phonetically in English.) 

Belá - what Silas calls Jonah (He is saying "brother" and knows that is not his real name, just a nickname.)
Baka - what Jonah uses for "brother".
Moní - what Jonah calls Silas (We think he is saying "Henry" which is Silas' middle name.) He uses this more than "brother".
kiki - candy, or Grandma Kiki depending on the context.
quá - time to trade toys and then they swap
yeah yeah - how Jonah says "yes" and he always uses 2 of them
cucu - water
cicu - any drink other than water
daa - please
gra gra - thank you
bop - poop
mon mon - monkey
wuu - dog
pica - peaches
blue - popsicle (this has to be because the first popsicle they ever had was a blue one)

These make a little more sense and are probably typical of 2 year olds:
Babi - Bible
Gaad - God
quack quack - duck
E - Eden
moe - more, or I want to watch the Veggie Tale about Moses.
two - means they want to watch Toy Story 1 or 2 (They cannot say "one" yet)
ca - car
choo choo - train
buu - balloon

Words that they pronounce and use correctly:
cheese & beans - their favorite foods
yuck - used for any other foods other than cheese and beans
pop - they got this from their dad, we call everything Coke where I'm from. You can tell who gives them pop.
ball - football specifically

*They put an "a" in front of everything too for some reason
*If we ask Silas what his name is he says, "Me!" Jonah refuses to say his own name, he just giggles and covers his face with his hands.
*Silas calls me "Mom" and Jimmy "Dad".
*Jonah calls me "Momi" and Jimmy "Dada".
*If they don't know how to pronounce something they just call it a "this" even if it is far away.

*Also, I have no clue why they are spitting in this video. I'm not completely sure who taught them that, but I have my ideas...


  1. That's fascinating! I love to watch kid's languages develop.

    1. You should know all about that! It will be interesting when Elias starts talking.

  2. Precious! Modern technology is so awesome. You have this written down for them in later years and we get to share too.

    1. Thanks! That is exactly why I wrote this post. I want to remember!

  3. Re: *If they don't know how to pronounce something they just call it a "this" even if it is far away.

    When my brother was that age, he'd call such things a "tootch." We think it was because he wanted us to touch it, and make sure we understood what he was talking about. But, for years, any unknown object was a tootch.


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