Saturday, June 9, 2012

Construction at the Pastor's Institute

A team from First Baptist Church in Clearwater, KS arrived on Tuesday. This was our first team to fly into Belize and drive across the boarder. (Luis picked them up if you're picturing a group of gringos trying to rent a car and navigate their way here, haha!) It saved them money, so this might be an option for some of our teams in the future. 
{Dinner at La Luna their first night here}
We visited their church on Mother's Day 2 years ago. Later they called us up and said they wanted to put together a construction/evangelistic team. They told us that they would be bringing down about $3,000 for the student housing they would be building, but they showed up with $9,000! All of this will go towards KBI. God took Jimmy's 10 year plan and turned it into a 2 year one!
We are planning on 50 student houses. These will be for families since most students will already be married when they come. These are the first 2 to go up. The boards are from the land cut out with a chain saw.
{Mixing cement for the floor}
It is as hot as it gets here and these guys have been feeling it! 
{Boarding up the walls & prepping the floor}

The houses will have thatched roofs. This is much cooler than metal. Each house will require 1,200 to 1,400 leaves. These leaves are not from our land, but we have seedlings started to become one of the institute's projects. These leaves can be sold very easily all over Petén.

Jimmy started a Facebook page for KBI where he posts regular updates about the different projects and all of the construction.

We are so thankful for this team and all of their hard work. They have been so kind to us. Today is their second day out in villages doing evangelistic work. I will post about that soon. Please pray for them!

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  1. "God took Jimmy's 10 year plan and turned it into a 2 year one!"

    That's amazing! God is awesome!


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