Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Guatemala Is Treating Us Good

For the last few days we have heard metal on metal when we brake, so today we drove to Santa Elena and got the brake pads and two rotors replaced on Jimmy’s truck. It was around $80. The mechanics asked about my “automatico” and sadly Jimmy had to tell them it is still broken down in our yard like it has been for the last year. At least now we have one good experience with a mechanic in this country. It was even done on time... that is a first for here too!

Please keep praying for our Christmas drama; it is this Sunday. We have a lot of videotaping to do tomorrow and we are having some issues. My video camera may record a minute after you press the restart button about a dozen times. Melissa thoughtfully left her video camera for us to use, but we just found out it is too nice for my laptop! Please pray that we get it done somehow.
All of our props will soon be finished. Becca, do you recognize the roofing material! We would probably be finished with everything already if Lucha would stop eating chunks of our tomb!

After lots of TLC, my rose bushes finally have lavender (the photos makes them look pink) and white flowers on them.
For the month of December the Maxi Bodega gives out toy vouchers every time you buy groceries. We have have been saving ours. It was fun to spend them today. We found leggos for the little kids to play with during the adult Bible studies. We found hula-hoops for game time and found out that neither one of us can hula! We also got bubbles... all for free!
Lucha loved the bubbles!

Please pray for Aquilino’s mom. She lives by herself and had a cow on a rope. Something spooked the cow and her arm got caught in the rope and she was dragged. She is in the hospital in Chiquimula. She will live, but they are not sure how much use she will ever have of her arm and fingers. Aquilino is such a nice man and is really worried about his mom. He said that he was very thankful that God saved her life. He and his family are part of our Bible study in NH.

CRAZY ITEM OF THE DAY: Who would have ever thought an illegal Guatemalan living in the States would ever wire money to a Gringo living in Guatemala... well today that happened!

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