Monday, February 16, 2009

A Wonderful Weekend

We held our Bible studies in Santa Rita in our new meeting place this Saturday. We are so thankful for this house. God worked a miracle. We had a great turnout!
As soon as we pulled into the village the kids started running out with their new Bibles. All had completed their devo sheets. 3 more kids received Bibles this week.
With this open area many people can stand close and listen. One dad came for awhile and thanked Jimmy for what we were doing with his kids.
Marco Tulio

We learned about being Fishers of Men.
Jesus with his 12 disciples in a fishing boat.

The adults were as excited as the kids to have their own place to meet. We are located in the Kekchi part of the village, so we had a couple new Kekchi people.
Lesbia (we are meeting in her house) was in Santa Rita for a town meeting, so she came to the Bible study too with her sister that lives in SR.

On our way home we saw some lights in our town. There was a small fair. So for Valentine’s Day we stopped and road a ride. Jimmy tested positive for Dengue again, so it was really sweet of him to be willing to go. I like the rides that spin fast and upside down!
A nice sweaty Valentine’s Day picture!
My beautiful gift from Jimmy!

Sunday in New Horizon was just as good!
Araselin & Oshi
Darwin, Alex, & Alfredo
Gregory & Quincho

Lico was back for a week before he leaves again for work. Giovani and his girlfriend came with their son. He should have received a Bible but we are all out. Please pray for Giovani. He is very interested. He and JImmy have become friends and we do believe that soon he will accept Christ. Gregory has become friends with Quincho. Both of them are Christians and it would be wonderful if they could encourage each other. Gregory is going to start going to SR with us. These two could really be great leaders. We are a little concerned about Gregory. Now is a time where he has to start choosing what is more important to him. Please pray for both of them. Two Kekchi guys have been coming faithfully, Carlos and Marcos. Neither one are Christians, but they have been doing their devo sheets. Zacarias needs to get saved too. Please keep praying for the Bible study in NH. This week was so encouraging to us!

Please pray for Jimmy. He does have Dengue Fever again. He has been taking an equivalent to Loratab for the joint pain. It seems not to be as bad as last time, but I think it is because he just hasn’t had the option to feel bad... he’s just been too busy!

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