Friday, June 12, 2009

Investing in Nationals

We are so honored to have pastor Mike Grover here teaching a module in our Kekchi pastors institute (KBI). He was the dean of our college when we were there and then after we got to the field he became the senior pastor of one of our supporting churches.
{His first meal in Petén at Las Puertas}
Here is one of the booklets that the pastors who attended received.
Pastor Grover taught Bible Geography and the book of Joshua.
He taught in English, Jimmy translated to Spanish and then another man translated to Kekchi.
{Obdilio, the translator}
These are some of the national pastors that attended.
They took a lot of notes and asked a lot of good questions. They are so hungry to learn.
The Kekchi love to sing. They always have a praise and worship time.
Here are more photos with some of the pastors. Several had to leave right away to catch micros back to their villages.
This is Manuel. He is in charge of helping the men with training. These are their reasources in Kekchi. He is very excited and supportive our of vision for the Kekchi Institute.
He has been a blessing and help to the Kekchi guys and a big encouragement to us and our ministry here because he gets it. We share the same philosophy of missions. It is nice to be around someone who is passionate about the same things we are, like training nationals!

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