Friday, December 3, 2010

Lao Yoco Chi Tzoloc Li Kekchi

That means "We are studying Kekchi!" Last year we tried to start learning Kekchi, but we couldn't find a tutor that would show up on a regular basis. It is very difficult to find someone who speaks Kekchi, is fluent in Spanish, reads and writes well, and understands how to teach a language. A friend introduced us to Fabian. He is Kekchi, but married a Latina, so he is fluent in Spanish. He also has taught several other people Kekchi before. He ALSO shows up... and on time!
He is very careful to make sure both of us understand everything before he moves on. He is very positive and makes learning fun. He's a huge blessing!

We have classes 3 times a week during the boys' first nap. The boys have been sick lately (we think we have narrowed it down to amoebas) so twice now they have woken up during our class with double diarrhea! He has been very understanding. And we found out why, he has 5-year-old twin boys! With a smile on his face he said, "I have already survived this!" It made me laugh! His boys' names are Joseph Elisha and Joseph Stephen (but in Spanish). He was surprised our boys didn't have the same name. He told me about all of his kids and I counted and said, "So you have 10." He replied, "No, 9." He counts the twins as one! It is interesting to me to learn about things having to do with twins in other cultures.

Our book is in Spanish, but the Spanish is sort of funny, like it was translated from English into Spanish, I don't know, but it's tricky. The book was written 30 years ago, so some of the Kekchi has changed and it is Coban Kekchi, so we are constantly penciling in things. Still the book is the only one of it's kind and is a lifesaver! We are also discovering that you sort of make the spelling up as you go. Most people don't usually write it, so not everyone who speaks it knows the correct spelling for things. Anyway, it is very phonetical so I like that!

Since we are learning it out of our second language, my notes are a mess. I guess that is a representation of my brain. I didn't realize just how jumbled up the thoughts inside my head were until I tried to write them down, they are in Spanglish. I was going to write all my notes in Spanish, but then English words kept popping out. Then I decided I would write them all in English, but Spanish words kept popping out. So then I decided I would try to at least pick one language for an entire sentence... that didn't work either. So as I was using up the last part of the eraser on my pencil I decided to just embrace the Spanglish. It's a mess, but it makes sense to me!

Do you notice anything strange about this photo... other than the fact there has been a Cheerio shortage for a month now so my boys are eating Cornflakes.
We were grocery shopping in Santa Elena and stopped in Pizza Hut for some lunch. Someone else must have been doing the same, but they just decided to bring in their cart with them!

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