Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Wagons, Doggie Doors and a Bunch of Gringos

We have had the best time so far in Jax. We have already done so many things.
The boys got to visit with their Great Grandma Wootton.
They met Bella and learned how to use her doggie door.
Silas even says "Baba" when he's looking for her.
We have gone on walks.
Silas likes to walk Bella.
My aunt sent us this wagon to use while the boys are here, they love it! I actually have 2 aunts that were so nice to send all kinds of toys, clothes, car seats, and even another crib for us to use while we are here. Add on top of that all the goodies their Kiki had for them, they haven't even played with all of the toys yet.
Poor Jonah came down with a fever the night before we flew out of Guatemala City. He has been running a temp off and on for days now. Silas just starting with one yesterday. It hasn't slowed them down much.
They love playing with Kiki and Papa. They explore their new surroundings all day long.
They love Kiki's cooking!
In the Petén they always wear sandals, but we decided to spring for some dressier shoes while we are here... socks and all. I love seeing them in their little boat shoes. They look so grown up.
Sunday we went to our home church. Jimmy got to speak in the Spanish ministry. The singles class has been really supportive of us. We enjoyed visiting with them!
I was really nervous about the boys being in the nursery. They have never experienced something like that. They have pretty much spent every waking moment with their mommy since birth. Jonah walked right in and found a piano and never looked back. Silas was a little timid. He cried at first, but this man was so sweet and sat with him. I am so thankful for the workers who were so nice to my boys!
After church Silas was at the door waiting for his mommy. I couldn't find Jonah, he was busy exploring! It's funny because I thought they were going to be the opposite of this. Ever since we got to the States they have switched. Jonah is less bashful around gringos and Silas, my little outgoing boy, doesn't want anything to do with them.


  1. I LOVE THE PICS! And the stories... :-)

  2. Your mom looks so excited! Glad you guys are having fun!


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