Monday, January 23, 2012

Today Was the Day

Today was the day in my pregnancy that I gave birth to the boys... so glad Eden is staying put for a little longer!!

We were flipping through photos this morning of the boys at 32 weeks thinking about what she looks like now. The boys were almost 4.5 pounds when they were born. That is pretty good for 32 weeks.

This is a 3D photo of her back at 29 weeks:
She has her knees up at her chin and her hand in front of her nose. You can see her eyes and a dimple though... all my kids have dimples! We move to Guatemala City in 3 weeks. Please pray that she stays snug inside until then. She also needs to move since she is currently breeched.


  1. Praying she turns and stays put!

  2. Hopefully she'll turn soon! My dr. said that second/third babies can turn a bit later because they have more room . . . your boys probably made a little extra space for the munchkin to turn in. Dominic twisted sideways a few days ago and seemed to get stuck for a few hours. He went a bit nuts pushing out on either side and kicking away before he turned back into the breech position. I think he's got it now, though, so hopefully Eden will, too. Stubborn little babies. :)


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