Saturday, March 31, 2012

Sunday in San Pancho

Last Sunday we took Eden to church for the first time in San Pancho. Jimmy loves showing off his new daughter. I think it is so sweet! She wore the dress that I wore home from the hospital in 1980.
We were eager to get back to this new church plant. Tutor #4 has been working very hard and we want to help him. There are a couple families who have been coming. Right now there are 3 services a week. Jimmy preached Sunday night and soon I want to start a kids program on Sunday mornings and then grow it from there. Marcos, from SR, stopped by our forever house this week when Jimmy was there and they went to lunch. Jimmy told him to take back news that he would pay for the passage of any of the Kekchi families in SR to come to the Kekchi services in San Pancho. Marcos was discouraged that SR still hasn't resolved their land issues which means we aren't allowed back in yet. He said that he wanted his boys to grow up in church. Hopefully they will start coming to San Pancho now!

Tutor #4's Wife held Eden for the entire song service... even during a special that their family sang!
Afterwards Tutor #4's Son #2 let Jonah play his guitar. Jonah LOVES making music. I cannot wait for him to be old enough to start taking lessons.

Silas was interested too. Maybe they both will be musical!

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