Thursday, April 26, 2012

Our Time With G-Dawg & Ma-G!

Two Tuesdays ago, G-Dawg and Ma-G came to meet their first granddaughter... 
AND wrestle with their grandtwins! 
{Jonah is under the blanket/fort}
Jonah and Silas are at such a great age right now (2.5). They have mini conversations and understand ever word wether you really want them to our not. 

We had been calling Grandma "G-Ma" since Grandpa is "G-Dawg". The boys really call him just "G". Right now Silas says a lot of two syllable words backwards, so instead of saying "G-Ma" he called her "Ma-G"... so Ma-G it is!
We spent part of the time with them in Petén and then the rest in Guatemala City. We had some Visa, Passport, and Birth Certificate paperwork to do in the capital along with a doctors appointment. So they got to see our normal life...
{At our forever house in Petén}
and then our every once in a while life.
{Riding a train in a mall in the capital}

{Outside a mall in Guatemala City}

Jonah and Silas are IN LOVE with their grandparents... all 4 of them. 

All of us have worked hard to build these relationships from far away. I think our kids are closer in heart to their grandparents than probably most kids are geographically. Still... saying goodbye, stinks!

We are so thankful that G-Dawg and Ma-G made this trip. The boys (and us too) had a blast! 


On the way to Guatemala City some of our bungee cables that were holding our suitcases onto the roof of our truck broke. Thankfully Jimmy happened to see his suitcase fall off in his rearview mirror AND it hit the road and then tumbled off into the grass, so no one ran over it! I would recommend buying bungee cables Stateside. 

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