Friday, February 22, 2013

Back To Bendición

We went to this village back before Christmas to show the Jesus Film. 
It is a new church plant that a pastor from a neighboring town has been starting. About 45 minutes into the film our generator fizzled. This is our favorite little red generator because it is the perfect size for travel and it doesn't make much noise to disturb the movie. It got wet by rain that leaked through our roof several years ago and we have made multiple attempts to get it fixed. We thought it was fixed this time but I guess not. It's like a vehicle in Petén, once it's broke, it's never going to be right again. You just get it back with more problems than you started with.

So anyway, Satan must really not wanted any Gospel to be shared in that village because that morning Jimmy was ready with TWO working generators. Still, we are used to Petén. Most of the time our plan B breaks about the same time as our plan A... kind of like our hard drives! Jimmy tested both generators one last time before we left and guess what, one only ran for 5 minutes and the other wouldn't start... and they were both fresh from the repair shop! Jimmy took one to the mechanic in our town but after an hour the only difference was that someone ripped off the pull cord. Awesome. 

We have 2 other large generators, one for our house when there is no power for several hours (to save our freezer and fridge and run our water pump) and the other is at the institute. These are not made for travel though. They wouldn't fit in our vehicles with all of us in there. 

Jimmy had also spent the other half of his morning getting the roof rack repaired from trying to transport our generator up there last time. He had taken it to the city the day before but their hour and a half estimate that morning turned into them not even looking at it by the end of the day. This is not unusual, haha!

We knew someone in the village had a generator before but we just didn't have the right gas with us to run it, so we decided to go and take our chances on renting that one. 
{Moving the borrowed generator!}
 So we got there with a jug of two cycle gas ready for the generator they had last time only to find out that that one had broken too the week before. So we found somebody else who would rent us their generator for $5, but we had to drive to the next town and buy a little jug of gasoline since this one wasn't two-cycle of course. 
The one family in the village that have become Christians cooked us supper. Here is the mother in her kitchen!
And her daughters making tortillas!

They brought water to wash our hands:
 And served us a very delicious rice drink. 
They served us scrambled eggs and tortillas. They were very kind. Kekchi people really have the gift of hospitality, sadly I think that's a dying art in the States. 
{Domingo getting comfortable}
Here's the only time anyone wearing an Obama t-shirt will be allowed to hold my daughter, haha:
There are always corn cobs all over from where they make the corn meal. Silas didn't believe me that it was corn. After dinner one of the ladies showed Jonah and Silas just how that process works!
Then we headed down the hill to set up for the movie. 
 This was our first village outreach with Juan! This is what he is passionate about, mapping out villages, finding ones in need of a church and those in need of a pastor and then prepping them for a church plant or finding a pastor from the institute to plug in there. 

All 3 of my children were running low grade fevers that day, except for E's her fever was pretty high. They really wanted to go though. All morning Jonah kept saying, "Me no sick, Dada, me go to work with you!" I love that they want to go to the villages and work. I really want to consciously  foster that so that we don't lose it along the way. I love serving with my whole family!

There was not one complaint while we were there about them feeling bad, although I did notice them laying down before the movie started, this is NOT like my children!
{Silas laying down before the movie}
Once the movie started I took Eden down to our truck and she slept the whole time. Jonah soon followed and fell asleep too... poor sick babies. Silas sat the whole time with Daddy. After it was over, Silas came to the truck and said, "Mama, people killed Jesus." I asked why did Jesus die and He said, "So we could go Heaven with God and Nita." (Nita was my grandma who recently went to be with Jesus.) Beautiful how he's putting it all together!

There was a great turnout for the movie. Domingo shares the Gospel again afterwards once the movie ends. It is really an introduction that gives them a frame of reference to build on and start talking about the Gospel.
Please pray for the village of La Bendición! That more will come to put their faith in Christ!

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