Monday, March 25, 2013

Tire Troubles

We were having some tire issues before we left for furlough. We need to buy new tires, but we have to drive to Belize to do it. The tires there are half the price and better quality. We just have to make the time, so until then...

This happened:
And then it happened again, but obviously we didn't have a spare... and our very kind friend who came to rescue us left his lights on, so his truck died:
Jimmy had to buy 2 used tires after that to get us by for a little while longer and then this happened two days later to one of those:
I left at least a half mile of road gators from that one!

CRAZY ITEM OF THE DAY: The man who sold us the 2 used tires (one of which shredded 2 days later) warned us, "You can't just buy tires anywhere in Guatemala, they sell you junk that they retread with a dremel tool. They'll only last for a week. My tires will last you several months... I mean years!" And there was the Red Flag. 


  1. I had to laugh a bit at the end, it is just so Guatemalan.

    We once had a police officer stop us wearing a button that said "No soy corrupto" and then he ended up waving the fines as long as my husband would pay for their lunch beverages.

    I hope you get the tire situation figured out soon, I didn't know they were cheaper in Belize!

    1. Congratulations on your little boy! He's so handsome!

      Funny! We have only met one policeman (and it was a woman) who didn't try to get a bribe out of us. They transferred her out of Petén though:(


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