Saturday, April 27, 2013

Along for the Ride

MK's don't get to choose their childhood, but it is one like no other.
{Eden in a fellowship hall after one of our meetings} 
 Being away from home for two months is hard on anyone, but for a kid it can be even harder when you can't really understand when you will get to go BACK HOME. You miss your bed, your room, your toys, your friends, your food, your church, your schedule, your place to feel safe and secure. 
Suddenly you're surrounded by gringos. Haha! And a whole new set of cultural rules and boundaries... like no peeing in the bushes. (That may or may not have happened a couple of times.) I think overall MK's are pretty resilient. They are a special breed. I am so thankful for my super spectacular kids who are more than along for the ride, they are bravely making their own waves! 

They have had some pretty cool experiences on furlough so far:

Their Papa worked it out to where they got to drive a train... a real one! They were thrilled!!! 
{Ready to get on the BIG choo choo!}
They drove it backwards and forwards, blew the horn and rung the bell. 
I have a video of them both driving it and they have watched it over and over again! Can you tell by their faces how excited they were?!
While we were over at my aunt and uncles house they got to ride this awesome zip line in their backyard!
My boys are so brave!
Then my sweet aunt and uncle invited us back over to ride their boat and jet skis. The boys loved that too!
Riding with Jonah and Silas was a little bit stressful for mommy and daddy, just because we didn't want to dump them in the river! But, we loved sharing the experience with them. Jonah would say, "Faster, Mama!" 
We were both in hoddies because it was COLD!

I can't leave out the potty bus! That was a fun filled 2 weeks!
We got to go to the creation museum while we were traveling around the country on the potty bus.
Besides these cool dinos, we got to ride a camel!
The boys got a kick out of that!

After we turned the potty bus back in we hit the road again and got to spend several days with Pastor Andy and his wonderful family this past weekend! They live on a couple acres and have a zip line in their backyard too. Jonah and Silas didn't even hesitate when asked if they wanted to do it. I think it is because they liked the zip line at my uncle's house so much. 
For this one they wore a harness. It went between their legs, so there was no way they were falling out of it. 
Can you see Silas in the trees?!
Their next door neighbors had a mini 4 wheeler that they let the boys drive. They were wild on that thing! 
Eden stuck with the tricycle!
Monday they got to see Robbie's plane. We had been trying to explain to them what a little big plane was. Robbie has helped Jimmy with several of his farming projects for the institute, but this was the first time that we had gotten to see his farm and everything he has going on. 
Those are loose bees that flocked to a new queen, starting their own hive. It was neat to see in person. Bees are the next trial Jimmy wants to start at the institute.

I think the boys' favorite part about the plane was talking to each other on the headsets!
They also got to drive the biggest tractor they had ever seen!
Then Tuesday Pastor Andy took Jimmy and the boys up in his plane!
I think Silas turned a little green, but he would never admit it. They loved it!
So did you catch all that? So far they have ridden/driven a
zip line
jet ski
potty bus
little big plane

We are so thankful for all the kindness we have received along our furlough travels. Everyone has been so sweet to our children. They have had a blast so far!


  1. So much fun! And, hey, you got to ride a camel too! :D I'll have to get a better reason for you to visit now...

    1. Well this silly camel just went around in circles, I hope yours are better at getting somewhere;)

  2. Looks like fun! I wish I had known you all were at the Creation Museum; I live right across the street! So sorry we missed getting to meet you. I have a 5 1/2 year old daughter we adopted from Guatemala. You have a beautiful family.

    1. We love meeting people who are connected to Guatemala! Maybe next time=) Thank you!

  3. Wow, they're having a blast! I love that they've had a chance to go on so many different form of transportation. Any little boy's dream. :D

  4. Your children are precious!! Thoroughly enjoy all your pics and stories. I love that they got to experience so much.


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