Monday, February 10, 2014

Heard Around the House #11

Jimmy was in the car with the boys taking them to get haircuts. He was planning on finishing a sermon podcast on the way there, but his headphones died. The boys knew he was a little frustrated (they had just taken his headphones apart and we spent a while looking for all the pieces).
Silas - "Dada, everything dies. Somethings die and then other things die, but everything dies."
Jonah - "Yeah, Dada, don't be mad."
Silas - "It's just a toy, Dada."
(Whenever they get all worked up over something I make them repeat things like "It's just a game." So we get a bit of our own medicine sometimes!)

Every time my boys get a haircut, they look more and more grown up… it makes me sad.
Mama - "You guys need to stop growing!"
Jonah - "I can't help it, you keep making us food!"
{Grocery shopping with these 3 is a circus!}
Jonah - "What's that bottle on the counter?"
Mama - "Floor wax."
Jonah, "No, in English!"
(Now when they don't understand what I'm saying they tell me to speak in English!)

Mama - "Do you want to be a camel for the Christmas play?"
Silas - "No, I want to be Batman."

We were in the capital and bought a box of Frosted Mini Wheats. We ate them as a bedtime snack in the hotel.
Silas - "Mama, this cereal helps me bop!"

Jimmy leads the worship time at church and I play the guitar, so our kids sit without us during that time. Silas left during the worship time one Sunday to go potty (even though he's not allowed to.) Jonah often gets really into the worship and didn't notice until later and started to panic. He came up to me during one of the songs.
Jonah - "Mama... Mama, I lost my brother, named Silas!"

The boys really wanted to decorate the Christmas tree, but we all agreed to wait for daddy to get home.
Silas - It is 14 o'clock! Daddy should be home now.
Mama - "Clocks only go up to 12, you know that."
Silas - "Well you need to fix them and put a 13 and 14 on them."

After Silas' whole jumping off of the chair situation we were having a conversation about Superman and how he is pretend and not real. We've have these conversations a lot.
Jonah - "Yeah, Silas, Superman is pretend, Iron Man is pretend, the Hulk is pretend."
Silas - "No! Superman is real!"
Mama - "What you see on tv isn't real."
Silas - "Is Bolt real?"
Mama - "No"
Silas - (very disgusted) "Well!... Am I real? Is that light real? Is the window real?"
{Eden loves showers so much she has a hard time waiting for us to help her}
After asking Jonah to apologize to his brother for snatching something from him I sent him to time out.
Jonah - "Sorry means no time out!"

We were playing a game where I sing the 12 disciples song and when I stop they can name the next disciple for a jelly bean. We had just started learning the song when...
Mommy - "Simon Peter,..."
Silas - (yells out in excitement) "Pan"
He didn't get a jelly bean.

Silas - "Mama, there is something under the couch that I am not allowed to touch. And it has eyes and a very long tail."
I stood way back when I bent over to look under that couch! Thankfully it was just a really big lizard… bigger than the normal ones that reside in our house.
{Silas, the great lizard hunter}
Here he is after he finally crawled our of our recliner. All the big lizards here run on their back 2 legs, so it's always fun to watch them get in a hurry! 
We asked the boys before Papa and Kiki got here at Christmas, who wanted to sit by Kiki and who wanted to sit by Papa at the table.
Jonah - "Ummm, I want to sit by Kiki, Papa is a little silly."
(Jonah takes eating very seriously!)

So from then on Silas says, "I'm silly like Papa", whenever we laugh at him.

On that theme, here are some pictures I never posted from my parents' visit back in December:
{Pollo Campero in the city}
{The little granddaughter Papa prayed for} 
{The coolest train track ever!} 
{Poor Eden is the only one in a carseat at this party}
On our last full day together in Petén we all went on a boat ride to a little zoo for poached animals.

Our favorite part was the monkeys!
Everyone shook their hands right away except for Silas. I think he was more milking the situation than actually being afraid of them, because before we left he made sure he didn't miss out on the opportunity. He's our little drama boy!

{Cookies with Kiki one last time!}
{Morning in the hotel in Guate}
{Riding the train at our favorite mall in the capital}
{And riding it ONE MORE TIME}
Wouldn't it be fun to be a twin!

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  1. haha, I love that he tells you to speak in English, too cute!


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