Saturday, September 13, 2014

If You're An Intern

If you're an intern in Petén you get to do all kinds of cool things like...
be brave and kill scorpions.
stay up till midnight playing Monopoly in Spanish. 
climb mountains. 
cross really high bridges.
be forced to take way too many family photos for us... I mean a lot. 
be forced to do all the jobs the missionary has put off doing because he knew interns were coming.
sit through lots of services you don't understand. 
have loads of conversations in a language you don't speak. 
 try to rig our backdoor to keep the rats out,
 then sit on our couch for 45 minutes before you realize there is a rat already inside the house... inside the couch you are sitting on.
come up with games for our youth group to go with what we are studying... 
and explain them in Spanish!
share your testimony.
host an awesome youth outreach.
makes lots of kids' crafts.
spend days and days... and days building an epic turkey coup. And yes there are finally turkeys in it...
or on it.
and make an eternal investment!
Personally I think it is a pretty great way to spend a month of your summer. I hope they thought so too!

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