Saturday, April 4, 2015

Remebering the Day You Died

Ever since the angry water meetings, the people who attend the church at the farm have really been treated poorly in their village. All kinds of lies are being spread about them for being members. Some stopped coming, but others started coming more faithfully. Nearly all who come now have been saved and baptized. In our past Bible studies or services the curious people outnumbered the Christians. Now the majority are people who have defined themselves as Christians. Everyone knows it. They aren't trying something for a while, they are Christ Followers!
Our church family wanted to remember Good Friday in a way that would bring Glory to God and give us a chance to really reflect on what Christ did for us. We moved our midweek service to Friday. We put a huge cross in the front of the church and Rigo made a crown of thorns to hang from it. Jimmy announced that we were all going to follow Christ's example of serving others and also remember with this activity the beautiful visual it gives of how the King of Glory humbled himself and washed us of our filthy sins.
 Everyone kind of giggled at first, me included. This was something new for all of us! Jimmy had 6 basins of soapy water with wash clothes and towels and we all went down the row, one by one washing each others feet.
 It was as beautiful as Christ intended when He encouraged it.
No one was joking around, not even then kids, but they all had a big smile on their face!
{Eden washing Sandra's feet!}
{Sandra washing E's}
 It brought us all together as a church family.
And it was a beautiful reminder of Christ's love for us. 
Afterwards Henry (not the student Henry) read a passage about the Last Supper.
And then all who had been saved and baptized celebrated the Lord's Supper. 
 Rigo preach a message about Christ's suffering and all He went through for us.
 We all lit candles and turned off the lights while we listened. You could hear the reaction to how beautiful the room was when we turned the lights off.
 Kekchi kids are really good with candles. They grow up knowing how to use them and respect them. Little gringitos, not so much. I turned around about the time one of my boys was lighting his brother's hair on fire. Even if I don't give them candles, someone else does. Thankfully he wasn't harmed, he just has a nice burnt patch of hair about the size of the palm of my hand. I have no idea how my kids survive... maybe their grandmas' prayers.
 It was a wonderful service and a shared memory with our church family, remembering and thanking Christ for dying to give us new life!
Thank you to Newspring Church in Wichita, KS who gave us money to pour the floor in this room. This service would have been a muddy mess just a few weeks ago! 

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