Saturday, August 15, 2015

Our Time with Kiki!

My mom was with us for a month beginning mid-June. We had a wonderful time! It got off to a rough start though. My mom's first plane left late which made her miss her final flight from Guatemala City to Petén. The hotel we work with in Guatemala City was all booked up of course. We didn't want to leave my mom outside the airport, not speaking any Spanish, looking for a taxi we know but she doesn't, so Jimmy drove to Guatemala City and back in one day to pick her up, 15 hours round trip! I'm really thankful that they made it safely!

We also finally poured the concrete for the kiddos bathtub. They haven't had a bathtub before. They said it is "just like a hotel!" Haha! Anyway right before my mom got here we filled it with water and unknowingly used the last bit of water in our cistern. The mayor didn't pay the pump's electric bill again, so the first week my mom was here we were on water rations because Jimmy had to haul everything we used.

Oh, and we also didn't realize that right when my mom got here a power line repair worker put in the wrong size fuse, so we went several days without power. Petén always has a way of welcoming our guests. Anytime people are staying with us I worry about them being comfortable in a foreign place and then with all the added mess that Petén was making at the time this caused me to get shingles for the 3rd time. In spite of it ALL we had a wonderful time with Kiki! Nothing can stop that!

Here are some photos from our time with her:
She helped me get my new curriculum ready for next year and finish up some projects in the school room to make it special when we begin kindergarten. We are starting our new school year this Monday!
Jimmy and I celebrated our 11th wedding anniversary and she watched the kiddos while we went on a date!
There was lots of story reading 

  and cookie making!
I finally learned how to make my mom's Christmas cookies. Whenever she visits she always brings me those cookies and she did this time too. (I don't like sharing those cookies, ask my kiddos!) I hope my children miss something I make one day. 
We celebrated Father's Day and
built lots of forts!
We played tons of games!
My mom got to meet all the students and attend our church!
{Youth Group}
Eden got lots of "ping" time. 
We had several suppers on the back porch!
Kiki was also here for the 4th of July!
We had lots of special guests that day!
We also might have made several ice cream runs to Sarita... yum!
Kiki and I went and had lunch together one day just us too! 
Of course we had chocolate mousse!
My mom just fuels my project problem. We had 5 projects going at any given time! Here are some of them:
We made curtains for the kids' new rooms. 
My mom refinished our deep freezer. It was all rusty. Now it is a color Eden would approve! I'll have to post my finished pantry soon. It's very different now.
My mom sent me a picture of an outfit she had gotten me before she came. I told her to go back and get her one too so that we could be twins. She did! I love it!
We had a wonderful time with our Kiki! The only thing that could have made it better is if Papa could have come too. We are all very blessed with the family God has given us!
Thank you Kiki for spending your vacation time with us and thank you Papa for trying to survive without her for 4 weeks!
{Saying Goodbye}
{The note we found after dropping Kiki off at the airport!}

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