Sunday, May 29, 2016

Titus' Birth Story Pt 2: Meeting Their New Brother

MaG made us this sweet video for Mother's Day. We were all very much looking forward to being together again!

 Titus took his first taxi ride, on the way to our rented apartment. It is like he is our first baby! Maybe we forgot some things in the last 4 years, like how to chill out. He had been in the NICU, so I felt like I did with my preemies... like I needed to watch them sleep to make sure they kept breathing. (Seriously, we watched them sleep for the first 6 months.)
Going up the elevator
I love how excited the kiddos were!  
 MaG caught a little piece of their excitement here:
 And here are the video versions! 

 He was a little yellow, so we let him get a little bit of sun and it fixed him right up.
 I wanted SO much for everything to be normal again, for us to start being our family of 6.
But, it just wasn't going like I wanted it to. We were going to head back to Petén on the 13th. This got pushed back to the 16th because of my complications that were still coming. With each issue that got resolved something else would arise. 
 Even worse, Melissa noticed that Titus' heart might be beating faster than it should. It wasn't all the time, but enough to where she thought sometimes his nail beds were a little blue. Jimmy called our pediatrician in Petén once we realized something might be wrong, he was the only pediatrician we trusted at that point. He recommended a pediatric cardiologist in Guatemala City. Unfortunately, the earliest we could get in was Monday afternoon, the 16th. The first time I got really concerned was when we were sitting in the urologists office that Friday. I saw his carotid artery pulsating very fast, too fast, even though he was resting. I showed Jimmy and he didn't think it looked right either.

 For some reason, the previous Wednesday I started having lower back muscle spasms, like yell out loud painful. I was really scared, I had never experienced something like that. I couldn't sit for very long but if I laid down I couldn't get up by myself and it was a long painful process. My back was locking up. I thought it would go away once I finished my second set of antibiotics for an infection, but it didn't, it just got worse. I cried a lot. I was scared to carry my baby. How were we going to return to Petén and Jimmy get anything done with me needing all of this help. At that point I didn't even know how I was going to get on the plane... plus, was there something still wrong with our little boy? I didn't want to believe that.
The night before Titus' appointment I remember it being 4AM. I had already woken up Jimmy several times and felt bad to do it again because he had an 8 hour drive back to Petén the next day. I was laying there on my back, in so much pain and I couldn't move. I just prayed. Melissa had asked people to pray that it go away by the next day. I was too embarrassed to explain this weird issue to ask anyone for anything. Then, for some reason, by the time the sun came up, my pain was completely gone. 5 days of it getting progressively worse and then just gone. That was God. I could walk and hold my baby just fine. Titus was going to need me that day and for the next 3 days. God knew that. So that's why I wanted to share this part. God's care was evident in every single step of this messy story.

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