Thursday, March 19, 2020

Eden Turns 8!

Her 2nd Grade Classmates
Last Saturday we threw a party just hours before the president of Guatemala’s announcement to lay low. Not sure when E will get to see her classmates again but so thankful they all came that day to celebrate her 8th birthday with her! 
She picked a Cinderella theme with a Cinderella cupcake cake. I don't usually need to make any suggestions, she has a head full of ideas at all times! 
Looking for the key to unlock the attic!
 My favorite part about E's birthday parties are planning them out with her and all the excitement leading up to them! 
 There was also a Cinderella manicure!
I had my normal ups and downs while making her cake, trying to get Cinderella blue. Eden said in her typical encouraging way, "Mommy, I don't know why you don't like it, but I love it, and that's all that matters!" Eden has a nurturing, encouraging spirit always. I just love her! 
  As usual, Jimmy was very supportive of our party planning. It's a tradition that he carves something out of a watermelon. This time it was a crown!
Eden wanted her brothers to celebrate with her too!
 We played lots of games like Princess Bingo and roll the dice to Build Cinderella's pink dress that the mice made for her.
Pin the slipper on Cinderella.
None of the girls would hit the Cinderella piñata hard enough to break her open, so E's brothers finished her off!
We are so thankful for our sweet little princess God blessed us with. She is such a bright loving nurturing smart sparkly part of our family. We all had a blast putting this together for her.

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