Monday, February 12, 2007

Bible Baptist Church

Updated by Jimmy: Unfortunately Jorge did not come with us yesterday. I called him and it sounded like he had just woken up, but he said he will come play basketball with me on Thursday, so pray for that. “If by any means I might save some...”
We still got to go to Selvin’s church yesterday. He is such a great guy and a really hard worker. I get to see him working hard at Greek every week, but yesterday it was clear that he puts the same passion into everything he does.
Missionary Doyle Whaley is the one who started the church 32 years ago and Selvin was in one of the Sunday School classes then. Doyle was the first Independent Baptist Missionary in Xela and this is the church he started right out of language school.
This week we are getting ready for Shelley’s parents to arrive a week from tomorrow and the first round of exams for Greek are next week. Valentine’s Day is coming up, so we are trying to find something special to do for that. Jimmy's birthday isn’t too far away either...

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