Friday, February 16, 2007

Happy Valentine’s Day pt.2

Please keep praying for Jorge. Jimmy and some guys from the seminary are playing fútbol with him again today.

Jimmy’s birthday is the 18th. I found a present for him, but I needed him to pick the specific one out. He was so excited, that he did not want to wait, so he went Monday to pick it out. I got him a pellet gun that shoots 410 fps. and at 10 yds. has a 5 shot radius of 1.5 in. In the States Jimmy had a couple guns and really enjoyed going shooting, but here he cannot legally own one until he is 25.
Linda went with us to pick one out and then later shot some pepsi cans with us for practice.
This was the first holiday since we’ve been here that actually felt like that day. I guess because you don’t usually spend it with your whole family, just your spouse.
I did figure something out though... I really need to start taking advantage of having a husband whose birthday is close to Valentine’s Day. If I have a really good present for Jimmy and give it to him by the 12th, Valentine’s will be spectacular! Jimmy is always sweet. He said that his birthday present had nothing to do with my Valentine’s!
Valentine’s morning Jimmy made me blueberry, chocolate muffins... they were yummy! Then we opened presents. He got me flowers, some grass seeds, and a new replacement mop. I didn’t think anything of it because I was really excited about having grass to keep all the dirt from blowing into our house and I didn’t think we would ever have any here.
Then Jimmy said that he was just kidding and gave me some beautiful glass globe candle holders hand made in a city close by
and also some house plants... Linda said that it looks like we live in a jungle, but I really like plants. Plus, they are our natural air purifiers!

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