Friday, February 9, 2007

A Team Effort

We have water now, but our neighbors behind us still are without, so they came back yesterday.
While they were filling up their containers, Jimmy was talking to our neighbors across the street. They know why we are here because Jimmy gets to talk to them a lot. This time, they asked if we liked water. Then they wanted to know if we take a shower. Jimmy said, “Yeah, every day.” The lady was surprised and said, “Every day?” Jimmy told them that it was our culture. They said, “Not in the morning right.... because it is really cold.” Jimmy said, “Yeah, we know!” I do not think most indigenous people in this part of the country take showers since it is so cold. They just steam every now and then in a little room off their house that is just big enough to sit in.
{“What are all these people doing in my yard?”}

Yesterday, Jimmy was playing basketball with some guys from the seminary and met a Mexican named Jorge. He wanted to know why we were here. Jimmy explained and they got to talk for awhile. He asked when Jimmy was coming back and said that he wants to come to church with Jimmy. There was no more time to talk because Jorge’s game was starting, but Jimmy invited him to come play soccer with the Seminary today. Every Friday the Teachers play against the Students, and the plan is to always have a couple guys sitting out so that they can talk to him. Please pray that Jorge will see the truth, because like many others here he is searching.

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