Tuesday, February 6, 2007

Crash Course

First, during the 2 days after our email update last week, there were over 100 hits on our blog. Thank you for keeping up with us and praying for us. We need your prayers everyday!

The online contact company took my prescription somehow. That is a praise. Now my parents can bring them down.

My parents are coming in 2 weeks. We are sooooooo excited. Please pray that our water is on by then and also that we will get my truck out of the shop. It keeps dying or not starting, the door leaks, the window won’t roll down, the horn is broken, the air conditioning keeps freezing up, and we cannot get my rearview mirror back on, the last people who changed the oil put the wrong kind in and they broke the thermometer so my service engine light is always on. Someone must have told it that it is a missionary vehicle now so it is trying to look like one, or maybe someone told it that it was payed for. We are trying to get the important things fixed. Time is not valued here, so who knows when we will get it back!
Sunday we went with the Boggs to San Marcos to Job’s church. He graduated from the seminary and teaches there now. He started this church with the help of David and Dottie Craig. He is pastoring a church in GA now, but they still support and keep in contact with this ministry.
I thought this was a pretty snazzy sign. This church was very much alive; we enjoyed the service.
We are trying to plan a survey trip for this weekend to Coban to meet with some missionaries there that know Kekchi. Please pray that God will work everything out. We want to learn as much as possible before the end of May. Thanks!

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