Thursday, February 1, 2007

New Gloves and Old Friends

Jimmy found and eye doctor. You cannot make appointments so we went Wednesday morning and waited in line. We had to wait for 4 hours. During that time we decided to go across the hall to the dentist. We both still have cavities that we never took care of in the states. The last experience we had at a dentist in the States really scared me for all future visits.
This doctor was wonderful. She even numbed my mouth for the shot. She kept saying, “You’re so white, you’re so white!” (She was worried I was going to pass out.) It was so cold in her office because nobody has heat so I was trembling the entire time. They all were wearing new gloves, so that was reassuring. (That's what separates the good doctors from the rest in my book!) Jimmy did not get his 2 teeth taken care of because he's a chicken!
This is going to be painful for you guys in the States, but I got 3 fillings for $15. Right before we came here I got a cleaning, X-rays, and 3 fillings for over $500. Here is like anywhere else, there are good doctors/dentists and there are not so good ones. If you find the right ones you will have a pleasant experience and for a lot cheaper price. If you want you can come on a missions trip and get some dental work done while you are here!
My eye doctor was very nice too, but I am glad I brought my previous prescription because his was way off. He initially prescribed -4 something, but He ended up renewing my old one for -6 something. Please pray that the contact companies in the States will except it. My eyes are inflamed from sweeping outside so I have to wear glasses for 2 weeks. I hate glasses. I don’t have any depth perception or peripheral vision. I cannot drive... I tried to yesterday with Linda and she asked if Jimmy could drive to drop her off. I think it is because I kept asking her how close I was to certain things.
Our area still does not have water, but we found out that our cistern holds 4,000 liters. We tried to look in it to see how much was left, but it was too dark. Our property manager said that if we run out we could call the volunteer fire department and they would come and fill it up for 100 quetzales, which is about $13.
Last night we were invited to go over to someone's house for coffee. We really did not want to go because lately we have felt like we have been taken advantage of from people we thought were our friends. Money causes so many problems. When you see that someone needs something you want to help, but then it is no longer a friendship. They start being even nicer to you, not to say thank you, but to get more. Often they stop working so hard for things since you can give it to them for free. When you stop giving them more things they are no longer nice to you. This is just what we have experienced so far, not everyone is like this.

Last night though, our “old friends” ended up being just that... our “old friends.” They did not ask for anything from us. We have not seen them lately and they just wanted some time of fellowship. We were so encouraged because this couple has really been working hard. They have been thinking for themselves and seeking God for His will for their lives. They didn’t take the easy road and then hide behind the statement, “Well, I prayed about it.” They didn’t just tell their plans to God and then flippantly put His name behind it, they actually listened to Him and obeyed.

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