Monday, January 5, 2009

Family Photos, Gofers, & 1,000 Liter Cisterns

We were very disappointed that we did not get to go to Santa Rita on Saturday. Please pray this will not put us behind next week. A man that lives across the street from our Bible study named Blas road his bike down to the scene of the accident just to watch after he heard us talking about it on Saturday. (That is a very Guatemalan thing to do!) He said that the Public Minister came and arrested the drunk driver.
Mateo is Gerardo’s brother. He told Jimmy that Gerardo was having nightmares. He heard him in the middle of the night yell, “The car... the car...” We were hoping that maybe this event would have made some of our teens stop and think. Mateo still has not accepted Christ. The Bible study Sunday night in New Horizon was on Heaven and Hell. Right before it started I told Mateo that he still needed to accept Christ. I said, “I want to see you in Heaven too.” He always gives an adamant “NO” when we ask him if he is ready. Later during the study he was part of the discussion. He seemed shocked that Hell was forever. Then he asked, “Well what if your name is in the book of life?” Please pray that God will continue to work in his heart. He is 13.
We passed out the family photos in New Horizon today that Jimmy’s mom took while the team was here. That was a lot of fun!
While we were at Anabella’s house, Olivia came running up with a gofer. She had technically found it on Anabella’s property and she wanted to make sure that she did not want it. I love Olivia, she always makes me smile! She was nice and posed the gofer for me! She later took it home to skin it and eat.
While we were at Aquilino’s house he told us that his family went to a special service the Catholic church had on Christmas Eve. (His family comes to our Bible study every week, but we do not tell anyone not to go to the Catholic church. We just teach the truth. This allows us to stay in the village) Anyway, he told us that they said that he was “in the shadow of Jimmy” and that Jimmy has bought him with a cookie. They said that only people who are starving come to our Bible studies. Aquilino said that made his “temperature rise”. He then told them, “The things of God are not talking bad about other people. This (the Catholic church in NH) doesn’t have anything to do with God. Jimmy never says anything bad about you.” And then he left. When they understand the truth, the Lord leads them down the right path for us!
Sunday was Ernesto’s last week at our Bible study. He is moving to Coban to go to school. He still had not accepted Christ. He has heard the Gospel over and over again. Please pray that he too will come to have a personal relationship with Jesus Christ.
Well we are out of water for the 2nd time in the last month. Our town only turns the water on twice a week normally. Our cistern holds 1,000 liters, so who knows how long it has been since the water had been turned on. Our shower has been leaking, and that helped drain our cistern. So Jimmy started breaking concrete to fix it tonight at 9:45! He finished it in about 2 hours. He poured the last 3, 5 gallon jugs of pure water he could find in our town, into our cistern to take a shower afterwards.

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