Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Please Pray For Jimmy's Travels

Jimmy is having my truck towed to Guate today to get the transmission worked on. We have given up on all the mechanics here. He is riding with the driver. Please pray that he gets there safely. Jimmy woke up and 4:45 this morning and then the driver was over 2.5 hours late. We had to call and wake him up. The mechanic in Guate is open until 7:30, please pray he gets there in time. Jimmy will do some grocery shopping and look for some tables for Santa Rita. He also has a dentist appointment tomorrow. He will fly back tomorrow evening.
The Bible studies in NH were good on Sunday. School starts in Feb so hopefully people will get back into the swing of things. Gregory is back and will be staying all year for school. He is a really good influence, so we are thankful for that.

This is a shirt I made this past weekend. I am still learning. Curtains are much easier than clothes!
We spent several hours Monday evening sweeping all of our ceilings again and cleaning all the paint chips up. We thought since the rains have stopped, our ceiling would stop snowing, but we woke up Tuesday morning to find this...
We can’t make it stop! It is just always a mess. Our house looks like a blizzard. I am not sure how many paint chips we have consumed. They have been bothering our eyes. We have more eye boogers than Lucha. We have to dust off our heads when we leave. Thankfully the ceiling is highest over our bed, so no flakes fall on us while we sleep... God knows how much I can handle! When Jimmy gets back we will have to power wash the roof and then seal it ourselves. I can’t wait! Usually we have a problem with roofs leaking, this one is a new one for us!
We can no longer eat at our table because the flakes fall into our food.
This is just one day of paint dust in half of my kitchen.

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