Wednesday, January 14, 2009

A Little About Jimmy

Yesterday was the 5th day that Jimmy had a fever, so we drove to the city to get some blood work done. The techs at the lab in Santa Elena are very nice. They are like our doctors here. They know way too much about us. We found out that Jimmy has Dengue Fever. The blood work showed that he has had another strand once before. We are thankful to know what it is. Thank you to everyone who has been praying for Jimmy and please don’t stop. It usually lasts about a week. It makes your joints hurt pretty bad and his entire body is itching. It is similar to Malaria, but there are no pills you can take to help prevent it.
Even while he was sick Jimmy replaced a burned wire for me. It is a very important wire. It goes to several of the appliances in our kitchen... including my dishwasher. My parents gave me a dishwasher for my birthday 2 years ago. We went through a lot to get it working. For a while we could only get the soap in the city (now the Maxi carries it) and we sacrificed our little tankless hot water heater that we brought down from the States for our shower. (That was not a hard decision.) The plumber who installed it did not attach it to a breaker.
Well this is what happens without a breaker, or when you get a plumber to do electrical work! We did not realize it was burned because it hangs down onto the chain for our hammock. The 2 positive pieces were making a connection. Carlos discovered this for us one day when he reached up to adjust the hammock. After that when you swung on the hammock it would spark. Sunday it quit working completely. Fever and all... and no breaker to turn off the power, Jimmy replaced it for me. He also installed an outlet outside for me... so sweet!
One more Jimmy story. During our travels we buy Christmas ornaments as souvenirs. We have an ornament for a lot of the special moments in our life. It is nice to look back every year as we decorate our tree. Well this Christmas I wanted to find an ornament to remember our Baby. It’s a happy memory, so I wanted to find a frame to put the picture from the day we got my blood work back. (Same tech guys, they have been through so many journeys with us!) I found a frame ornament in an after Christmas sale. I showed it to Jimmy later. He said, “That is perfect since it would have been their birthstone.” WHO KNOWS THAT? I didn’t even know that. That made me cry. I love my Jimmy!

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