Thursday, January 1, 2009

Happy New Year!

For new year’s eve we took some fireworks down to New Horizon for the kids. Everything is legal here! Jimmy got enough rockets for all the kids who come to our Bible study to light their own. Plus we had a nice finale.
It was a little smokey!
Karina and Evelin
Gerardo being a ham!
Maruca lighting one.

For New Years Day we went to San Andres with Regina and David, our IMB missionary friends from Coban (4hrs S). We had the best time kayaking, eating and talking with them. They work with the Kekchi full-time. They understand everything as far as working in the rural areas, learning Kekchi, hosting teams, and all the other stuff we deal with, good and bad! It is wonderful sharing similar experiences and learning new things. Today was refreshing!

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