Saturday, January 17, 2009

A Little Chilly

What in this picture does not belong in the Petén? Jackets! It is cold! It has been raining all week. Petén has turned into a big mud pit. We weren’t sure how the weather was going to effect our studies. We ended up having a really good turnout!
Even our doggies think it’s cold and have blankets!
The boy in the red shirt and jacket went home and brought his parents back for the adult time!
We have so many men still coming to the adult Bible study faithfully. Jimmy is almost over his Dengue fever and we can’t wait to get out again in the community. There are so many people we want to follow up on. We also have a team coming Feb 5th to do a lot of work on the Elementary school. The Boggs might even be coming to help! Please pray that the momentum keeps building!

CRAZY ITEM OF THE DAY: Our ceiling is here again... or make that on our floor, all over the floor in all of our rooms. I regularly have to move everything out of my kitchen and sweep the ceiling. That’s what I get for complaining about sweeping the floor;) Can’t wait to live in a house that we built where we sealed the roof!

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